Tastes of Spain

As promised in one of the previous posts, here come the photos my Mr made while he was out 🙂

Among many others he had some delicious home-made “Cuban rice” (Arroz a la Cubana) with boiled rice, fried tomato sauce, french fries, fried eggs and also fried bananas (yum); tomato salad with olive oil and vinegar; home-made paella!; and of course some tapas with one of my big favourites, papas arrugadas:

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…And to complement this Spanish post we made some sanfaina (veggie stew) with eggs yesterday for dinner.

This is nothing else but lots of vegetables poured into a pan with a small teaspoonful of olive oil –  you can use whatever veggies you have in your fridge, I used a half zucchini, half eggplant, some  mushrooms, onions and tomato, adding them in the order based on how much time they need to soften.

When all cooked, I added battered eggs (for this amount of veggies I used 3 eggs) and cooked without mixing it until it could be flipped (not like a pancake – that would make a big mess!:D) by placing a big plate on top and flipping the pan around, then placing the omelette in the pan again to cook the other side as well. Rather easy and truly satisfactory meal, we couldn’t even finish it in one sit.

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