Huevos Del Abuelo

My Mr talked to me about this dish a couple of times in the past, passed on in his family from generation to generation – ‘just how grandfather made it’ – but we never came around to making it ourselves (I have never tried it before, either). So the other day, when we were without … Continue reading

First ever meal plan!

Some of you might know by now that I’m normally preparing lunch and dinner (for 2). This might sound a bit terrifying, taking into consideration that I’m also working full-time from an office, working out regularly, cleaning, doing everyday mess control at home and visiting family every couple of days (does that really fit in … Continue reading

Moist, Delicious and Easy Apple Gallette

I had a serious craving for an apple filled sweet indulgence the other day (yep, that is kind of continuous thing). My Mr was not against a good apple pie either, so I pulled out this recipe and put it on the table (yes, it was really that easy!). Apple gallette Ingredients: for the dough … Continue reading

Bolognese Puff Pastry Braid

I believe many-many of us love a good pasta Bolognese – with all that tender meat, fresh carrots and tomato puree! I thought wrapping this deliciously tangy sauce into puff pastry can make no harm. I was right! Bolognese Puff Pastry Braid Ingredients: 250 g ground meat (I used mixed pork and beef) 1 shredded … Continue reading

Fruit Juicing Smoothie Snapshots :)

My Mr is in the mood for snapping a few photos of my smoothie making process, I thought I share them because they turned out great! I was making a simple mixed fruit smoothie, with 1/2 fresh mango, kiwi, apple, banana and orange juice – this is always a winner! I cubed and froze the … Continue reading

Liebster Award – Nominees!

Part 1 continued 🙂 MY NOMINEES! “So what is the Liebster award: it’s a way of getting blogs with smaller followings (under 300) noticed, as well as newer blogs noticed. It gives them chance to be viewed by more people. It’s said that it originates from Germany, which makes sense as one of Liebster’s translations … Continue reading

Food Photography With Television Chef Jamie Oliver

I feel like re-blogging this because: 1. I like Jamie and his creations 2. his (or his photographer’s? 🙂 pictures are amazing and 3. great tips!

Cake’s Second Life: Leftover Cake, Yoghurt and Orange Parfait Cups

For some strange reasons we had leftovers from the other day’s Roscón de Reyes cake – maybe because it was simply too big and everybody around us was trying to stick to the new year’s resolutions? – anyway, I do not like throwing away food so I had to re-think the cake and it ended … Continue reading

Roscón de Navidad – Traditional Spanish Christmas Cake

This cake is traditionally made around Spain and Latin America for the ‘Día de Reyes’ or Kings’ Day, celebrated on the 6th of January. In Spain children also receive their presents on this day – a funny side note from my boyfriend: and the next day the school starts. Bummer! Not much time to enjoy … Continue reading