Simple Comforting Tomato Soup

I have to admit this soup always reminds me of my childhood – only good memories! We’ve had this soup many times in the elementary school canteen, then even in the middle school canteen… and tons of times at home. From my mom’s point of view, I believe she made it so many times because … Continue reading

Magdalenas de Desayuno (Spanish Breakfast Muffins)

As a good custom, my Mr likes to have a nice breakfast to start the day with. He normally eats cereals or a sandwich, but I know his favorite is dunking some kind of baked goodie into hot chocolate milk. Thus as a good girlfriend, I sometimes make him a big bundt cake, or his … Continue reading

Pimientos Padrón Project – Happy End :)

Aw can’t believe this is “over” : )) Don’t cry though, this was a fruitful journey! Look at these beautiful home-grown padrón pepper plants, a great example that a small balcony should not be an obstacle to have a cute little garden with veggies growing in it 🙂 Cute padrón pepper plants, that end up … Continue reading

Pastillo de Alto Aragón

This time I bring You a traditional Northern Spanish recipe directly from Alto Aragón, perfect for the month of the pumpkin :), without eggs, butter or yeast. If you go to an Aragonian town in Spain and the air smells of anise, you can be sure you will eventually find some Pastillo – a thin, … Continue reading

Baked Crabstick Patties

There are those meals that you make once out of curiosity and then becomes a staple on the family menu. For us, this is one of those 🙂 These crab stick patties are easy, relatively cheap and delicious. You can fry them in abundant oil of your choice or on a little olive oil, however … Continue reading

Nothern Spain and Andorra – Part 3!!

Click here for Part1 or here for Part2. I promise this is the last part of the gastro-tour we made around Northern Spain and Andorra 🙂 But there were so many good things I have to share with you!! This is what I prepared for when the guys wake up from their little siesta – … Continue reading