Happy New Year!

My Dearest Readers, I wish you a Prosperous, Very Happy New Year! May your 2013 be even better than 2012 : ) See you in the New Year!

Celsius to Fahrenheit Oven Temperature Conversion

I made a (I think) cute conversion aid to convert those tricky Celsiuses into Fahrenheits and vice versa, I hope you will find it useful as well! Also added it to the Kitchen Aids section for easy access.

Hókifli – Hungarian Snow Crescents

This cookie is a typical Hungarian festive cookie, probably because it is quite simple to make and there are normally no leftovers 😀 I made these (first of all for us and secondly) for my colleagues as a small treat before Christmas (for Mikulás), it was a big hit! Hókifli – Hungarian Snow Crescents   Ingredients: … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

  Dear Readers, I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas! May your Christmas table be loaded with delicious goodies and your houses filled with love and smiles : )  

Christmas Menu Ideas!

It is again that time of the year… when you have to think ahead what do you want to cook, and buy the ingredients in time 😀 or you will be horrified of the amount of people in the stores, trying to find last-minute gifts etc. The traditional Hungarian Christmas menu will be served around my family … Continue reading

Banana Bundt Cake

The other day I wanted to make a simple bundt cake for my Mr for breakfast but I also wanted to use up the (very) browned piece of banana we had at home. The end result: a banana bread textured, light, sweet and delicious cake! I would say it could also be a pretty decoration on … Continue reading

Fresh Fried Squid Rings

These squid rings were one of the most delicious treats I have had in a while, for sure. They reminded me of the heaps of ‘calamari’ we had about a thousand years ago, on my first trip to Italy (I was about, 10?) – freshly made and bought at the port, they made a really good impression … Continue reading

While She Was Out: He Made Rapid Chicken Club Sandwich

I am a good girlfriend and as such, generally preparing something for my Mr that he can have for lunch with minimal or no work. The other day I left him a few pieces of chicken breast with the suggestions to prepare it with some veggies, pasta or rice. Hunger stroke him fast so this is what he … Continue reading

Oven Baked Chestnuts

There are a couple of things I like cold winter days for, and one of them is chestnut. There is a definite charm buying a bag of chestnuts – freshly roasted in a tub of sizzling coal pebbles from a street vendor, in his funny hat and long cloak – however, doesn’t matter how delicately you try to peel off … Continue reading