Delicious No Drip No Mess Hotdogs

If we celebrated the 4th of July around here, I’d definitely go with these hotdogs! Delicious, easy, not dripping, not messy, with all the goodness of a super dog. Strictly made by my Mr 😉 Ingredients (for 3 hotdogs) 3 skinny buns (called ‘kifli’ here) or small baguette re-crunched/heated in the oven 3 sausages of … Continue reading

Coconut Crusted Chicken Breast with Pineapple Rice

The fancy name of this dish in reality hides a very easy, relatively fast and delicious dish. Sounds kind of tropical right? Well it suits the current weather over here! Around 100 degrees F during the day, thunderstorm by night… which unfortunately managed to rip a few flowers off my precious tomato plants. Don’t worry … Continue reading

Papas Arrugadas con Mojo Picon

Today I’m bringing you a traditional Canary Islands dish! This is definitely my favourite from that region, with the unforgettable mojo picón (a kind of spicy-hot sauce) – a real treat! And it is really easy – mainly when you already have the sauce done. I had leftover salsa brava sauce from the other day when I … Continue reading

Home Grown Tomato and Bell Pepper Project: Part 4

Click here for Part 3. Our little garden is growing like mushrooms as we say it around here, and the first flowers have appeared on the tomato plants! This tiny flower appeared from one minute to the other – totally unexpected surprise! We might be having real tomatoes after all 😀 Bell Pepper plants are … Continue reading

Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas is a traditional Spanish tapa and one of my Mr’s all time favourite dishes. The preparation of the salsa brava varies, however it is generally spicy with paprika and pepper, blended well with tomato. I found a great recipe at Acorn in the Kitchen, tested it and we were completely satisfied! The salsa was way too much to be consumed in … Continue reading

Traditional Hungarian Dish: Egg Barley with Chicken Stew

I have to admit I was a big enemy of egg barley for long long years. Looking back this was most probably a result of the egg barley ‘overload’ I received in the elementary school, where at least once a week I remember having this ‘signature’ dish for lunch at the canteen. My mother also prepared … Continue reading

Hamburger Buns

We needed some bread fast the other day as due to a festive the stores were closed and we had a serious craving for a nice sandwich. The no-work no-knead artisan bread would have taken too long, so this recipe won! Easy-peasy, fast and delicious all-purpose bread (in our home, at least :)) Hamburger Buns Ingredients: … Continue reading

Tomates Rellenos // Spanish Stuffed Tomatoes

We found some fresh and beautifully ripe big tomatoes the other day that were perfect to be stuffed with some goodness. It is a very easy recipe, and the stuffing can be modified to whatever you wish to add – the basic recipe is to mix chopped boiled eggs, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and a bit … Continue reading