On the streets of the Maresme, Catalunya

Last September we made a trip to our beloved Spain, visiting the beautiful Maresme of Catalunya, on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The Maresme has gorgeous sandy beaches and countless little bars scattered along the coast. These bars will offer you several choices for a growling stomach: cold tapas, sandwiches, hot tapas with a nice glass of beer or fresh juice.


Those crawing sweets will also not be let down by the offer of various bakeries, ice creameries, patisseries and of course chocolateries:


Croissants, palmeritas, apple puff pastry, cream rolls….


See those pretty cream filled rolls on the left? They are called ensaïmadas and originally come from Mallorca. These can be made plain with no extra ingredient, filled with “cabell d’àngel” (pumpkin cooked with sugar), sweet cream, chocolate or turrón, or even covered with apricots. No trip to Spain is complete without these for my boyfriend:



Of course its not only tapas and sweets in Spain. New foodie photo series coming soon! Until then, click here for more Spanish goodness 🙂

2 Responses to “On the streets of the Maresme, Catalunya”
  1. I did notice those pretty cream filled pastries on the left & wouldn’t mind trying some with any kind of filling. Everything in the case looks tempting to me!

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