On the streets of the Maresme, Catalunya

Last September we made a trip to our beloved Spain, visiting the beautiful Maresme of Catalunya, on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The Maresme has gorgeous sandy beaches and countless little bars scattered along the coast. These bars will offer you several choices for a growling stomach: cold tapas, sandwiches, hot tapas with a … Continue reading

Pimientos Padrón Project – Happy End :)

Aw can’t believe this is “over” : )) Don’t cry though, this was a fruitful journey! Look at these beautiful home-grown padrón pepper plants, a great example that a small balcony should not be an obstacle to have a cute little garden with veggies growing in it 🙂 Cute padrón pepper plants, that end up … Continue reading

Nothern Spain and Andorra – Part 3!!

Click here for Part1 or here for Part2. I promise this is the last part of the gastro-tour we made around Northern Spain and Andorra 🙂 But there were so many good things I have to share with you!! This is what I prepared for when the guys wake up from their little siesta – … Continue reading

Nothern Spain and Andorra – Food Journey!

We have recently had the chance to spend a bit more than a week traveling around beautiful Northern Spain and cloudy-rainy but breathtaking Andorra. We have picked grapes, figs and zucchini, hiked and bicycled in the Andorran hills and above all, ate from dawn till dusk. After all, we were in Spain! Here is just … Continue reading

Fresh Fried Squid Rings

These squid rings were one of the most delicious treats I have had in a while, for sure. They reminded me of the heaps of ‘calamari’ we had about a thousand years ago, on my first trip to Italy (I was about, 10?) – freshly made and bought at the port, they made a really good impression … Continue reading

Foodie Report: Spain – Part 2

Click here for Part 1. How better spend the last night in Spain than going to a real local tapas restaurant? That is exactly what we did. Recipe for success: look for Spanish cooks in the kitchen, people queuing to get a table, noise and fried food smell. All check? You are at the right place! Grab a … Continue reading

Foodie Report: Spain – Part 1!

SPAIN Gastro Report – Part 1 We have recently spent about a week in beautiful Spain, and what is a person to do in this country than eat?! Haha, just kidding of course, we visited family, friends, the beach and shopping centers, as well as a fantastic (and I really mean it) Chinese restaurant with … Continue reading

Potato Croquettes

My dear readers, today I’m sharing with you one of our family treasures! These potato croquettes are just perfect with any meal as a side, or as a snack, breakfast, lunch dinner… can be eaten hot or cold, soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside, and can be made out of leftovers! Convinced? … Continue reading

Two times a charm: Spanish dinner

Two of our big favourites were prepared during the weekend: fried cauliflower, and what we call “picoteo”, both of them doting Spanish origins and we like to categorize them as tapas (Spanish cold or hot appetizer, or “finger food”). Fried cauliflower Ingredients: 1 medium size cauliflower 1 egg 150 ml milk Around 100g flour Salt Preparation: 1. Separate the cauliflower … Continue reading

Tastes of Spain

As promised in one of the previous posts, here come the photos my Mr made while he was out 🙂 Among many others he had some delicious home-made “Cuban rice” (Arroz a la Cubana) with boiled rice, fried tomato sauce, french fries, fried eggs and also fried bananas (yum); tomato salad with olive oil and vinegar; home-made paella!; … Continue reading