Christmas Madness Starts Early: Round 2

Looking back at a previous post you may find I was regretting not having a nice Kürtőskalács instead of a big chunk of mangalica sausage – however yesterday we made up for the missing detail, and got an entire, freshly made piece with nuts: I have to say it was well worth the 10 minutes wait : … Continue reading

Favourite Dinner Choices

…those of my Mr, of course. Because asking him what to prepare for dinner he will most probably say a wrap please! Preferably, the deluxe version. And what is a deluxe wrap? 1. We heat 1 big size soft tortilla (I like to use Mission Deli Wrap – Original or Mediterranean Herb, easy to roll and … Continue reading

Banana Bread

This was a case of “what to do with the browned bananas” as they are normally destined to end up in a fruit shake. However this time I decided to try a nice recipe I found here: it seemed just as simple as delicious (I normally don’t like complicated recipes, if they are made up … Continue reading

The Grey Day

This is a grey day, and it is official. In the past 2 weeks we have not seen the sun for more than a couple of hours – there is simply a grey layer between us and the sun lately, which is a choking mixture of fog and smog (there has been no sign of … Continue reading

Travel time

We just happened to collect our bathing suits together with all the winter clothes we have available, and found ourselves driving towards Hajdószoboszló this Monday. It was time for some wellness! And the best option was to submerge in the thermal waters of the city’s Aqua Palace. This might sound like an advertisement but I can really … Continue reading

Tastes of Spain

As promised in one of the previous posts, here come the photos my Mr made while he was out 🙂 Among many others he had some delicious home-made “Cuban rice” (Arroz a la Cubana) with boiled rice, fried tomato sauce, french fries, fried eggs and also fried bananas (yum); tomato salad with olive oil and vinegar; home-made paella!; … Continue reading

Christmas madness starts early

…Seems to me, earlier every year. This year, right after the 1st of November holiday (All Saints, called here) the Christmas decoration already occupied its place in the office and did not take more than a few more days to appear in every shopping mall and hypermarket. I’m surprised though that it is not paired … Continue reading

Bun in the oven

No… not that one. Literally there were buns in the oven yesterday, and look how amazing they turned out: Isn’t it worth the apx. 25 minutes actual work? An enjoyably simple recipe, to accompany a nice salad (or really anything) with. I’ll share the recipe, why not, maybe someone has his/her mouth watered by these … Continue reading

Cooking for 2

It is time to get used to cooking for 2 again! I find it definitely easier preparing something fast and healthy for 1, while there is a certain difficulty in cooking for other people who may have different taste/requirements/desires when it comes to food. For example, I’m perfectly fine with a light green salad for dinner, but my … Continue reading

When He is In!

Yes as today’s title suggests, my Mr has arrived so he is not Out anymore :p, and his return will bring pictures about some Spanish treats he was enjoying recently (though these pictures are still hiding somewhere deep in his mobile’s memory card, patience please!) Until the photos are retrieved, I am adding some of my usual food pics … Continue reading