Vitasia Tandoori Kit

I love Indian food. The colours, smells, spices and variety amaze me. I  have my favorite Indian place here in Hungary where they make the BEST samosas and curries. However people are curious beings and love to experiement, isn’t that so? I found a DIY Vitasia Tandoori Chicken kit in the local Lidl supermarket – I just had to pick up some extra chicken breast and veggies to bring some India into my home!


The kit came complete with the powdered mix for the sauce and the spiced rice. While I was cooking the rice, there was plenty of time to cut the chicken and throw it with the veggies and the ingredients for the sauce into the pan (follow the instructions if you try it ;)). Wonderful smells quickly filled our home and in no time I could put 2 huge plates of Tandoori chicken on the table. The sauce was noticeably less spicy than the authentic version and next time I would add less water but still the taste was superb. Just another reason not to be afraid of these DIY kitchen kits : )


2 Responses to “Vitasia Tandoori Kit”
  1. You do make it sound tasty and easy. Where I live we don’t have much access to Indian food so it’s something I’m not familiar with. Yes, there are some restaurants but I wouldn’t even know what to order. I think it’s the sort of thing where you need someone to guide you if you’re cautious like I am.

    • Oh thats a pity! Everybody should have some samosas around! There are although tons of great recipes around, once you manage to collect all those fancy spices, its not difficult to put some nice dishes together 🙂

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