Christmas madness starts early

…Seems to me, earlier every year. This year, right after the 1st of November holiday (All Saints, called here) the Christmas decoration already occupied its place in the office and did not take more than a few more days to appear in every shopping mall and hypermarket. I’m surprised though that it is not paired with the holiday music yet! The two normally come hand in hand to put you in the holiday mood – with more or less success. I was trying to resist to the Christmas fever, but it proves to be difficult when the weather is so ugly it almost snows, and the amount of people in the shopping malls already reaches the annual high. We are influenced easy, after all :). Also, have you ever decided to buy the X-mas gifts early to avoid the crowd? There you go.

So it turns out the Christmas market opened yesterday! We decided to have a look, why not, they are normally very pretty and smell of mulled vine (and sausages).

Pictures taken by my Mr!

We were a bit disappointed by the mangalica sausage, not the most fresh (although there was big traffic!) and quite salty to our taste… should have chosen the Kürtőskalács 🙂 Well, my Mr thinks sweet things don’t serve when you are hungry. I could argue with that 😀

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