Chicken Thighs with Spinach and Baked Potatoes

Its spinach time! The perfect ingredient that helped make a bit dull (but great) dish into something a little bit more exciting 🙂 Or shall I say a bit more healthy? Replace the thighs with chicken or turkey breast and you have a top fit meal (that is also tasty and fills you up nicely). … Continue reading

Foodie Report: Spain – Part 2

Click here for Part 1. How better spend the last night in Spain than going to a real local tapas restaurant? That is exactly what we did. Recipe for success: look for Spanish cooks in the kitchen, people queuing to get a table, noise and fried food smell. All check? You are at the right place! Grab a … Continue reading

Foodie Report: Spain – Part 1!

SPAIN Gastro Report – Part 1 We have recently spent about a week in beautiful Spain, and what is a person to do in this country than eat?! Haha, just kidding of course, we visited family, friends, the beach and shopping centers, as well as a fantastic (and I really mean it) Chinese restaurant with … Continue reading

Cake of Hungary Award 2012

It is the 6th year that the “Cake of Hungary” competition takes place in my country. This year’s winner has been selected from 35 cakes that – according to the regulations – do not include artificial flavors, margarine or heavy cream of animal origin. The winning cake, ‘Szabolcsi almás máktorta’ is prepared with zesty apples and a commonly used ingredient in … Continue reading

Home Grown Tomato and Bell Pepper Project: Part 6

Click here for Part 5.   I’m proud to announce that all those months of intensive care and sunshine resulted in beautifully red and sweet baby plum tomatoes. Let the pictures talk for themselves 🙂 Pretty tomato flowers – unfortunately many of them beaten away by the frequent storms that have hit Hungary recently. Amazing … Continue reading

Breaded Zucchini Slices with Creamy Mashed Potatoes

As you can see the posting frequency is quite limited – I can totally blame it on the summer. When we are at home, it is too hot to turn on the oven or simply stand in the kitchen elaborating a delicate fancy dish – so our repertoire is quite limited too recently… we generally … Continue reading

A Day at the Beach – Picnic Food Ideas

We love love love going to the beach/pool/lakeside but we always have a hard time finding healthy and satisfying foods to soothe our hunger. This is partly a result of not planning ahead (last-minute day off :)), partly the tempting but very unhealthy beach food we have here in Hungary. The repertoire of mainly all water-side food … Continue reading