Honey Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken Drumsticks

I found this amazingly sounding and looking recipe the other day @ The Gourmand Mom, and I needed no more pushing to head straight to the chicken drumsticks section at the store. Luckily I had all other necessary ingredients at home, and decided to squeeze in preparing this dish before going to work in the morning, to have quality … Continue reading

Traditional Easter Braided Sweet Bread

As Easter is approaching I’m sharing with you some of my favourite recipes for this occasion. This sweet bread (or challah, kalács, brioche) is always a hit with everyone I know, consumed either with butter, marmalade, jam, by itself, or even with cooked ham and horseradish (YES!) – everybody has their loved variation. This bread is traditionally … Continue reading

Leftover Revival – Chicken Veggie Puff Pastry Braid

There are those days when I prepare some chicken breast (or turkey, pork) fillet for my Mr and I leave him to decide what he wants to accompany it with for his lunch – he generally prepares some frozen veggie mix (being the fastest option), and quite often there is leftover (or the whole chicken thing, untouched :D) … Continue reading

Easy Artisan Bread Dough PIZZA!

My love for this bread dough has stepped to an entirely upper level the day I first ventured to make a pizza out of it. I have not changed anything on the dough – I use the original recipe, continuing to add a little olive oil when mixing it all together, and letting the dough … Continue reading

{Kitchen Basics 101} from veggie scraps to stock

Originally posted on from scratch club:
Making vegetable stock is so easy, yet I’m guessing that not all of you have homemade stock on hand. By the time I remember to make some stock, I only have half an onion or a single celery stalk to work with and something about buying a whole basket…

Stuffed Egg Bunnies

It has been a few days I haven”t posted any new recipes, however I have an excuse – I got kicked off my feet by a nasty virus. Well, such things happen 🙂 Though fortunately I am still on time adding a couple of recipes about typical foods prepared for Easter in Hungary. Yes finally … Continue reading

Mini Artisan Bread Rolls

I have to admit I fell in love with this recipe the very first time I used it to make a small bread loaf. Since then, I have done it about 5 times (which means 10 day’s bread for us 2, or a couple of loaves and a couple of pizzas <– I will get … Continue reading

Squid Rings in Onion Sauce ~ Calamares en Salsa de Cebolla

As I mentioned before, it is not easy to come by good seafood around here. So in that precious moment you shed your eyes on any nice looking salmon, shrimps or squids for example, you simply cannot permit yourself to leave it there on the ice.  Am I right? Well this is the short story of … Continue reading

Beef Stew in Pressure Cooker

Comfort food recipe today : ) Beef stew with veggies in pressure cooker (don’t worry if you don’t have any, just adjust the cooking time accordingly). I must say I am a big fan of a nice tender beef stew which is not always easy to get right. Ingredients: tender beef, cubed carrots, sliced into … Continue reading

Cranberry Orange Scones

I was wandering about the vast universe of food blog posts and came by something I have never tried before but heard so so many times in my life: scones. Yes that is right, I have never before done scones, duh, big deal. But dear am I in love now with them! So easy, and … Continue reading