Express Cottage Cheese Cocoa Rolls

When one of my colleagues showed me this recipe I was immediately surprised by one ingredient, cottage cheese. It arouse my curiosity to try it out and the facts that no kneading or waiting time were required either, made these rolls the perfect candidate for the other day’s visit to friends. Express Cottage Cheese Cocoa Rolls Ingredients: 250g … Continue reading

Mini Pizzas with Anchovies and Capers

This is nothing but a variation of the other day’s mini pizzas, but instead of ham I have topped the bread pieces with capers and anchovies. Delightful! I’m certain my Mr would join me here, when I say I could seriously eat these every single day. Fortunately my mean bikini says I cannot do that, … Continue reading

New Zealand Carrot Cake with Buttercream Frosting

It was birthday again for one of my colleagues at the office where I work and the birthday girl specifically asked for a carrot cake, so she got a carrot cake! I have made a test run at home before the Bday to make sure the cake will turn out good, for my Mr’s great … Continue reading

My Mother’s Cauliflower Soup

This soup, as I see, divides people into two very distinctive groups. One group is the absolute ‘hater’ – cannot take even the smell, while the other can devour a big bowl of this rich, thick soup anytime, anywhere (well, all right, maybe not for breakfast ;)). I belong to the 2nd group, while my Mr is … Continue reading

Spanish Tapas Dinner At Home!

Well we do this every now and then at home, as we don’t really have something like a ‘favourite tapas place’ here in Hungary. For the real deal, we go to Barcelona, however as unfortunately we do not have a magical Spanish carpet that would fly us over there every time we desire a good … Continue reading

Fresh Spanish Pasta Salad

My first encounter with this great dish was in Spain earlier this year, when we were visiting family with my Mr. The original version somehow did not get photographed, but luckily we both enjoyed it so much that the 2 of us could remember all the ingredients that this dish had. Fresh and simple, with just a … Continue reading

Leftover KFC Chicken Wrap

This is an express post with a suggestion what to do with the leftover KFC chicken strips! Or any chicken strips… We’ve bought the other day a big pack of KFC chicken (I know, I know, but sometimes you just get tempted to eat something not-so-healthy and bad for your shape foods) and eventually we had a … Continue reading

Anniversary! Apple and Coconut Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

It has been exactly 1 year ago that I posted my very first post for the whole wide world to read. It was not much, but 145 posts later I can say that I’m very glad I took the courage to start something new, from scratch! And now, having come so far, I’m happy to … Continue reading