When He is In!

Yes as today’s title suggests, my Mr has arrived so he is not Out anymore :p, and his return will bring pictures about some Spanish treats he was enjoying recently (though these pictures are still hiding somewhere deep in his mobile’s memory card, patience please!) Until the photos are retrieved, I am adding some of my usual food pics 🙂 This time a simple dinner (yet for 1) and another nice lemonade – still with that curious brown sugar which is no cane sugar, I will have to start doing them with “normal” sugar now that my Mr is here. I’ll probably just give this sugar to my mother who will be happy to use it for home-made cotton candy (yes, she actually has a cotton candy machine at home! Isn’t that just great?)

I also made a plum-cake the other day but somehow I managed to forget to add the baking powder – the typical situation, having realized it only when the tray was already in the oven – thus no picture this time. Although it was still comestible, wish me more luck the next time! Or more brains…

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