Pimientos Padrón Project – Part 5

Click here for Part 4! Situation from mid-July : )) Beautiful white flowers all around the 3 plants: And… drum roll please: PEPPERS!!

Italy Road Trip 2013 – Food Supply!

We spent a wonderful week in Italy recently and as always before a long trip on the road, we have prepared our own “food supply”. As we are traveling at night we are eating definitely less than we would during the day, however it is better to have more, than less, you may never know … Continue reading

Pimientos Padrón Project – Part 4

Click here for Part 3! Quick update on my little pepper “jungle”: look at these beautiful flowers! We have made these pictures about a week ago, since then all 3 plants are full of flowers AND there are already a couple of PEPPERS!!! (but more about that next time :p)

Boyfriend’s Favorites: Palmeras

Palmeras (or Palmiers, Palms) are THE easiest, simplest, maybe best existing sweet treat one can make at home. They are an absolute favorite at home and they are great covered with chocolate as well 😉 Ingredients: 1 puff pastry sheet sugar melted chocolate to pour on top, if you wish Preparation: Roll out your puff … Continue reading

Foods To Eat After Tooth Extraction :)

My wonderful boyfriend got into the unfortunate situation where 2 of his wisdom teeth had to be extracted (well, eventually it will be 2 more but he is still trying to come around to that idea… anyway!) and we soon faced the issue of food. Because one thing that nobody will tell you is that … Continue reading

Simple and Amazing White Sandwich Bread

I have found this recipe a couple of months ago and I have to admit I haven’t done any other bread since then! This is the perfect sandwich bread –  easy, relatively fast and delicious. Give it a try!! I follow the original recipe with some minor changes, also I do the kneading by hand … Continue reading