Greek Easter Sweet Twisted Bread

I was sure I wanted to prepare a sweet bread this Easter as well, as it is a Hungarian tradition (and so good!!), but I also wanted to change the tried and perfect recipe a little bit. Wandering about a couple of blogs I came by a Greek recipe for sweet bread (Tsoureki), that perfectly … Continue reading

Hungarian Green Pea ‘Thick Soup’ or Zöldborsófőzelék

I do not like to make complicated dishes. Sometimes I may get tempted by a recipe or two (or rather, a photo!) and set out on the culinary journey to create the same at home, but most of the time I’m making the fastest, easiest, simplest dishes (this of course does not mean that they … Continue reading

Mango-Double Chocolate Muffins

We went to visit a friend of mine the other day and keeping in mind that they have a toddler (and a mini kiddo), I wanted to prepare something that suits a grown up taste as well as a kid’s and it is also easy to pick up and run-back-to-the-toys with. I had a half … Continue reading

Huevos Flamencos

I was wandering through the pages of a tapas book of mine when my Mr pointed out a picture I would probably never pay much attention to. A nicely colored photo of a quite simple dish, that I thought would taste as “simple” as it was described. After all, what good could come out of … Continue reading

No Bake Cheesecake with Mulberry Sauce on a Graham Cracker Base

It was birthday again in the office! Unfortunately though, the birthday girl got sick, as well as many others from my group, so in the end we were only 5 to enjoy this amazing cake. Anyway, it is the intention that counts, right? : ) We enjoyed it for all of the missing people as … Continue reading

Empanada Gallega or Rather: Tuna Pie :D

I have to admit this is not how I planned this dish. After finding this great step-by-step recipe, for some reasons I decided that a pie pan would be good for this – well, my suggestion is, use a nice big pan or half the recipe, because in my version, the amount of dough was … Continue reading