Bella Italia Foodie Adventures: Pasta con Tonno e Salsa di Pomodoro

An express recipe for busy days from our busy Italian holiday! I mean…who wants to spend the summer holidays standing in the kitchen by the fire, am I right? So grab and cook 2 portions of fresh Italian pasta, make a simple creamy sauce by mixing and cooking 1.5-2 cups of tomato sauce  with a can of tuna fish, pour … Continue reading

Chocolate Pudding and Coconut Muffin

If there is something as a ‘leftover muffin’ competition, probably this one qualifies! This might sound bad – but don’t worry, I only used perfectly muffin friendly ingredients 🙂 Ingredients (for 6 decent sized muffins, double the ingredients for a whole tray): 60g butter (or half cube RAMA margarine is what I use) 60g sugar (I’ve radically decreased … Continue reading

Bella Italia Foodie Adventures: Piadina con Mortadella, Mozzarella e Pomodoro

Oh, vacation memories! So we’ve spent a more or less hot and sunny week in beautiful Italy, (also experienced a couple of days freezing Autumn breeze and rain!!) where we could enjoy our meals on our apartment’s balcony, enjoying the breathtaking view, tranquility and fresh air. This piadina was one of our favourite balcony-breakfasts 🙂 Now … Continue reading

Italy Road Trip: Food Supply

We’ve been to Italy this summer and decided to go by car. Now you can think oh that is great, not too far and all, however this short enough (apx. 1000 km ~620 miles) trip can turn into a real nightmare if you get stuck in traffic due to accidents, rush hour, toll payment gates or any … Continue reading

Bella Italia! Ristoranti, Gelaterie, Pasticcerie e Prodotti Tipici

We’ve recently spent 8 fantastic days in Northern Italy, enjoying the fresh mountain air, the food, ice creams, cakes and everything that this beautiful country has to offer. Let me share a couple of the best  gastro moments! Bruschetta con Pomodoro e Olive (Bruschetta toast with tomato and olive topping), this one was huge!  Prosciutto di Parma con Melone, … Continue reading

Eggplant Rolls

I was wandering across Pinterest when I found this picture (or rather, ‘pin’) that immediately captured my attention and decided the fate of that pretty eggplant I remembered I had at home. Don’t be taken aback by the seemingly fussy recipe, in reality it is not too complicated and does not take long to prepare. I had to … Continue reading