Milky Bread Swirls

Bread success! Soft on the inside, just a little bit crunchy on the outside – amazing sandwich base! And super easy, if that matters? 😀 Ingredients: 500 g flour 50 g butter 200 ml water 100 ml milk 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 1 pack instant yeast 1 egg +1 egg for brushing Little … Continue reading

Pork and Cauliflower Casserole

An easy and delicious satisfying dinner or lunch my dear readers : ) I have done it several times, with pork or chicken slices or even minced meat – anything works! Ingredients: Any meat to your liking – this time I used thinly sliced pork, enough to cover the bottom of the dish cauliflower 1 … Continue reading

Homemade Waffle for Ice Cream, Fruits or Both!

Attention free advertisement coming! 😀 So this post is inspired by a creation of my all time favorite ice cream place, the Cold Stone Creamery in California. Unfortunately (or luckily, taking care of our waistline?) there is no such place yet in Hungary, so we had to come up with our favorite creation on our … Continue reading

Home Grown Tomato and Bell Pepper Project

So I had this dream to cultivate a little garden on my balcony (and when I say little, I mean a 2×1 m thing) – nothing out of the ordinary, just a few baby plum tomato and bell pepper plants. Bell Pepper you ask? Well, why the hell not? 😀 So here we go, let’s … Continue reading

Leftover Makeover: Stuffed Eggplant

Yesterday’s dinner was a delicciiouuus stuffed eggplant half for each of us – filled with tons of leftover goodness. This recipe is truly flexible, let your imagination fly to make a unique tasting meal – the more types or things the better! I made some chicken upper thighs with tomato, paprika, carrots and potatoes in the pressure cooker the … Continue reading

Carrot Cake with Vanilla Whipped Cream

I have decided that this year I skip buying truckloads of chocolate and make a cake instead for my loved ones this Easter. I found an amazing post that served as my inspiration at Colors in the Kitchen, written by a lovely lady in Hungarian – check out her blog when you have a minute, her … Continue reading


Happy Easter Dear Readers 🙂 This post is just to give you a few ideas what to prepare for this Easter. First of all, a fantastic moist carrot cake with mascarpone-vanilla frosting from Colors in the Kitchen: This year I’m planning to prepare this cake for my family instead of buying all those chocolates 🙂 … Continue reading

Versatile Blogger Award!

Yay bloggy got an award! What a nice surprise on a generally “meh” day 🙂 I have to admit such awards I consider a huge compliment – mainly when it comes from an awesome place as Acorn it the kitchen ( I really enjoy browsing this blog and you will too, so make sure to check … Continue reading

Stuffed Zucchini Boats

I would place this dish on the list of leftover champions as well, as it is a very good (and healthy!) choice of food when you don’t have anything else “decent” enough to present on the dinner table. I do this quite often, from leftovers or planned ahead, cheese lovers feel free to top it … Continue reading

Artisan Bread Dough: Focaccia with Lemony Onions and Tomatoes

I made this fast and simple focaccia as a post-lunch pre-dinner snack from my all time favourite artisan bread dough – just another use for this super versatile dough! Ingredients: a big handful of your artisan bread dough 1 onion 1 tomato half lemon olive oil, salt, pepper Preparation: 1. Stretch the dough into a square and place on … Continue reading