Catalan Sponge Cake: Pa de Pessic

Sometimes my Mr comes to me with a specific cake or meal request that got into his head, that he remembers having consumed several times during his childhood. On these occasions what else to do but satisfy that craving? So the other day we made a Catalan Sponge Cake. A damn good one, if I … Continue reading

Pimientos Padrón Project – Part 2

Click here for Part 1! Status report on the Pimientos Padrón Project: started with 24 seeds altogether – about half of them survived the “kindergarten”. Out of the remaining 12 I have given 6 seedlings to my mum who somehow managed to kill them all in a few days :p I have re-planted my 3-3 … Continue reading

My California Chicken

Chicken again you say… I say the BEST EVER chicken dish! At least, the best that came out of my kitchen. Ever! A full healthy-hearty meal in one pan that is not only easy to make but sure to impress on a cold May day (or any day, really) 🙂 Please don’t judge this dish … Continue reading

The Easiest Oven Baked Garlic Shrimps

There was a beautiful box of shrimps at the store the other day and I was ‘allowed’ to buy it on condition that I peel them for both me and my Mr. Well this surely won’t stop me, really not a big deal doing it for 2 – I’d probably think about it if I … Continue reading