Germany Foodie Adventures

I actually feel horrible when I look at the date of the latest post that I added here on the blog – posted 2 months ago! I’m really sorry, my dear readers. Let me try to make up for it with some snapshots of our recent trip to Germany – we traveled lots and lots … Continue reading

Italy Road Trip 2013 – Food Supply!

We spent a wonderful week in Italy recently and as always before a long trip on the road, we have prepared our own “food supply”. As we are traveling at night we are eating definitely less than we would during the day, however it is better to have more, than less, you may never know … Continue reading

Foods To Eat After Tooth Extraction :)

My wonderful boyfriend got into the unfortunate situation where 2 of his wisdom teeth had to be extracted (well, eventually it will be 2 more but he is still trying to come around to that idea… anyway!) and we soon faced the issue of food. Because one thing that nobody will tell you is that … Continue reading

Fruit Juicing Smoothie Snapshots :)

My Mr is in the mood for snapping a few photos of my smoothie making process, I thought I share them because they turned out great! I was making a simple mixed fruit smoothie, with 1/2 fresh mango, kiwi, apple, banana and orange juice – this is always a winner! I cubed and froze the … Continue reading

Vibrant Green Spinach Smoothie

I have seen numerous posts about the infamous spinach ‘monster’ smoothies that I thought it is time I tried it. It took me quite some time trying to get convinced – only by reading about it – that it actually doesn’t taste spinach. Well, you know – spinach here is a very disputed veggie, as … Continue reading

Healthy Banana Smoothie

I was looking for a way to use some of the bananas we have at home, in a more-or-less healthy way (banana bread, banana bundt cake, anything that says ‘cake’ excluded haha), when I stumbled upon this smoothie recipe that perfectly fit the available ingredients at home and both me and my Mr’s likings. Also … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate in a Jar – Part 2

As promised, here comes the finished product as mentioned in Part 1, the family already received it with great joy so I can share the pictures of this great drink in a jar. The jar is nothing else but an ex-jar of pickled gherkins (thoroughly washed to remove any remaining sticker and of course gherkin … Continue reading

Hot chocolate in a jar

IMPORTANT please nobody tell my mother and little sister that this will be one of their Christmas presents : ) Though as my mother doesn’t speak English she will hardly understand this post and my little sister did not yet find my blog, we may have a chance they don’t find out about this surprise before … Continue reading

A praise for fresh orange juice

Our obsession with freshly squeezed orange juice most certainly started this summer on the biggest Greek island, Crete.  We knew it should not be difficult to find oranges there, however we were very positively surprised by the reality: at almost every grocery store, the freshly squeezed golden orange juice was sealed in front of our … Continue reading