Liebster Award

I have received the Liebster award from lovely Eszter some time ago (I know, I know, sorry for the delay, the past weeks were a bit hectic around here!), and I finally got around to answer all those questions she asked me : ) So here we go – My 11 answers: 1. What inspired … Continue reading

Gingerbread Cookies with Sugar Frosting

Well I know this is not exactly gingerbread time anymore, but I made these cuties before Christmas for my colleagues and family and I dare to say it had a big success, so why not share it? You can always find a good reason to bake some gingerbread cookies, they will always make your kitchen … Continue reading

Algerian Spiced Lentils

I have found this very good-looking Algerian Lentil Soup recipe over at Sweet Pea and Jasmin. A quick review of the stock in the home pantry in my mind, a fast run to the store for turmeric, a couple of changes along the way and some time later I presented my Mr with this delicious, … Continue reading

Vibrant Green Spinach Smoothie

I have seen numerous posts about the infamous spinach ‘monster’ smoothies that I thought it is time I tried it. It took me quite some time trying to get convinced – only by reading about it – that it actually doesn’t taste spinach. Well, you know – spinach here is a very disputed veggie, as … Continue reading

Sunshine Award!

I have received the Sunshine Award from wonderful Diane the other day!! Isn’t that just fantastic? If you don’t know her yet – make sure you head over to her amazing blog, among many other things she just shared a recipe for super cute sugar dusted tree-shaped macaroons! Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂

Vegetarian Tapas Dinner at Home

Having a Spanish boyfriend is the best excuse to have tapas dinners at home, with one’s desired frequency. We more or less have our same favorite dishes, adjusted to what’s currently in the pantry. Well last time we had no meat or cold cuts, so let’s call it a vegetarian tapas dinner! No meat does … Continue reading

Mantecados – Spanish Butter Cookies

I made some snow crescents the other day and my Mr mentioned they reminded him of mantecados. This is kind of a hint that I could make some of those famous Spanish butter cookies 🙂 So let there be Mantecados. I used this recipe as inspiration, but I had to change it a bit – … Continue reading

Healthy Banana Smoothie

I was looking for a way to use some of the bananas we have at home, in a more-or-less healthy way (banana bread, banana bundt cake, anything that says ‘cake’ excluded haha), when I stumbled upon this smoothie recipe that perfectly fit the available ingredients at home and both me and my Mr’s likings. Also … Continue reading

Spicy Breaded Chicken Drumsticks – in the oven!

First post in 2013 Yay! It took a week because of a damned flu, but good things are worth waiting for :p So I have made this chicken 3 times already and it is just as amazing as it is easy – and even healthy, give it a try! Spicy Breaded Chicken Drumsticks Ingredients: chicken … Continue reading