Shine On Award

I have recently received a shiny new award from Diana @ Little Bits of Nice, thank you so much Diana for this appreciation and inspiration to take this blog of mine forward 🙂 The rules of this award encourage the nominees to share 7 random facts about themselves, so here we go! 1. I love … Continue reading

Cake of Hungary Award 2013

Click here for last year’s winners! It is that time of the year again 🙂 20th of August, a Hungarian national holiday, day of the foundation of the state, day of planes flying below the Chain Bridge of Budapest and some spectacular fireworks when the night falls. Part of the festivities is selecting the cake(s) … Continue reading

Liebster Award – Nominees!

Part 1 continued 🙂 MY NOMINEES! “So what is the Liebster award: it’s a way of getting blogs with smaller followings (under 300) noticed, as well as newer blogs noticed. It gives them chance to be viewed by more people. It’s said that it originates from Germany, which makes sense as one of Liebster’s translations … Continue reading

Liebster Award

I have received the Liebster award from lovely Eszter some time ago (I know, I know, sorry for the delay, the past weeks were a bit hectic around here!), and I finally got around to answer all those questions she asked me : ) So here we go – My 11 answers: 1. What inspired … Continue reading

Sunshine Award!

I have received the Sunshine Award from wonderful Diane the other day!! Isn’t that just fantastic? If you don’t know her yet – make sure you head over to her amazing blog, among many other things she just shared a recipe for super cute sugar dusted tree-shaped macaroons! Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂

Cake of Hungary Award 2012

It is the 6th year that the “Cake of Hungary” competition takes place in my country. This year’s winner has been selected from 35 cakes that – according to the regulations – do not include artificial flavors, margarine or heavy cream of animal origin. The winning cake, ‘Szabolcsi almás máktorta’ is prepared with zesty apples and a commonly used ingredient in … Continue reading

One Lovely Blog Award :)

I have recently been honored by one of my favorite blogs (seriously!): Jar of Salt, with the One Lovely Blog Award! I would want to send this amazing writer/artist/food blogger a pack of sea salt from Hungary but as we have no sea (Though we had before) I can only send a BIG thank you … Continue reading

Versatile Blogger Award!

Yay bloggy got an award! What a nice surprise on a generally “meh” day 🙂 I have to admit such awards I consider a huge compliment – mainly when it comes from an awesome place as Acorn it the kitchen ( I really enjoy browsing this blog and you will too, so make sure to check … Continue reading

I’m a Kreativ Blogger Awarded Blog!

My blog has received its second award! Not a bit less important than the first: the Kreativ Blogger Award. Lovely Marina from nominated my little foodie journal, thank you! Make sure to take a look at her blog, you will find some amazing ideas!   About the Award: Bloggers who win the award must complete … Continue reading

I’m a Liebster Blog :)

I’ve been awarded my first ever blog awards by darling Julia from Must Come Hungry and the lovely blogger behind Filing Away Cupcakes. Thanks a million ladies! This means really a lot to me : )) The Liebster Blog Award is an award given to talented, new bloggers with 200 followers or less. “Liebster” is a German … Continue reading