Foodie Report: Spain – Part 1!

SPAIN Gastro Report – Part 1

We have recently spent about a week in beautiful Spain, and what is a person to do in this country than eat?! Haha, just kidding of course, we visited family, friends, the beach and shopping centers, as well as a fantastic (and I really mean it) Chinese restaurant with delicious Cerdo Agridulce (sweet and sour pork), Pollo al Limón (Lemon Chicken), Arroz Mil Delicias (1000 delicacies – or fried egg – rice), shrimp chips and my favourite: Pan Chino or ‘Chinese bread’, which is my all time favourite Chinese food item. I was curious and this time I asked how is it done. The key is that first the little balls made of the bread dough are cooked on vapour and then fried. Now that is something I did not expect 🙂 I have even found a nice blog where you can see step by step instructions (well, it is in Spanish, but I promise I’ll make it soon and give you the drill in English).

Unfortunately there are no blog-worthy pictures about the Chinese menu we had, but I hope I can make up for that by showing you all the others that we took during our gastro-trip to Spain!

The first thing I want to show is nothing fancy but can be useful when travelling – I have made a few sandwiches for us for the trip but did not want the tomato to wet the bread, so I simply sliced and re-constructed a tomato that we’ve put into the sandwiches before eating them. The same with a pretty green apple, quartered it, removed the seeds and put it together again, then wrapped it in plastic foil nice-and-tight – ta daa no mess apple!

Next: Family Tapas Party! We had this fantastic Ensaladilla Rusa (Russian Salad) with tuna, eggs, olives, bell peppers, potatoes, other veggies and mayo (mayo is not yet added on this photo):

Ensaladilla Rusa, complete with mayo:

The Tapas Table 🙂

Spanish Cold Cuts and Cheeses… YUM

Olives and Pickles

Honeydew Melon

Bread! We were in Spain after all… there is no meal without bread on the table. I’d get fat sooo fast there, oh dear.

There was also potato chips and red wine, divine!

Another occasion – a simple yet delicious salad, with mixed greens, tuna, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and olives. 

That’s all for today… Stay tuned for Part2 – coming soon!

7 Responses to “Foodie Report: Spain – Part 1!”
  1. This all looks wonderful. What are vacations for if you can’t enjoy eating everything you never get around to making at home. We’re just back from vacation ourselves & I’ve convinced my husband that I need to recuperate before starting cooking again.

  2. ¡Qué buena pinta tiene todo!!

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