While She Was Out: He Made Rapid Chicken Club Sandwich

I am a good girlfriend and as such, generally preparing something for my Mr that he can have for lunch with minimal or no work. The other day I left him a few pieces of chicken breast with the suggestions to prepare it with some veggies, pasta or rice. Hunger stroke him fast so this is what he made!

Rapid_Chicken_Club_Sandwich  01

As I see, he fried the chicken breast pieces on a little olive oil, mounted in on top of a toast in the company of iceberg lettuce, a fried egg, tomato, olives and a bit of mayo, popped another toast on top, and voilá! I believe when he says it was delicious, it definitely looks so!

Rapid_Chicken_Club_Sandwich  03

Rapid_Chicken_Club_Sandwich  02

PS: he has some leftover lasagna today, what a lucky boyfriend 😉

3 Responses to “While She Was Out: He Made Rapid Chicken Club Sandwich”
  1. He did a nice job of it if I do say so. Now my husband definitely wouldn’t have gone through all the ‘extra’ work’, but when he’s hungry, he’s hungry. Leftover lasagna’s always a treat.

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