Fresh Fried Squid Rings

These squid rings were one of the most delicious treats I have had in a while, for sure. They reminded me of the heaps of ‘calamari’ we had about a thousand years ago, on my first trip to Italy (I was about, 10?) – freshly made and bought at the port, they made a really good impression on me. Until now only the Barcelona version came up to a similar level of deliciousness. Behold – we managed to reproduce them at home! Don’t think that means it is something really complicated, on the contrary – an easy breading and frying process, with only 1 key element: truly fresh squid! When we happened to come around a box of these, their fate was soon decided.

Fresh_Fried_Squid_Rings  03

Fresh Fried Squid Rings


fresh squid rings
1 egg
frying (sunflower seed) oil

Fresh_Fried_Squid_Rings  02
1. Grab 3 bowls, 1 for the flour, 1 for the breadcrumbs and 1 for the egg and milk mixture. For 1 egg I just add as much milk as enough to cover all the rings. You can also use more eggs and skip the milk.
2. Bread the rings: dip in the flour, then in the egg and finally in the breadcrumbs. Shake to remove the excess between the steps.
3. Fry the squid rings until golden and serve with lemon chunks!

Enjoy the delicious crunchy crust with the soft squids on the inside.

Fresh_Fried_Squid_Rings  01

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