Italy Road Trip 2013 – Food Supply!

We spent a wonderful week in Italy recently and as always before a long trip on the road, we have prepared our own “food supply”. As we are traveling at night we are eating definitely less than we would during the day, however it is better to have more, than less, you may never know … Continue reading

Italy Road Trip: Food Supply

We’ve been to Italy this summer and decided to go by car. Now you can think oh that is great, not too far and all, however this short enough (apx. 1000 km ~620 miles) trip can turn into a real nightmare if you get stuck in traffic due to accidents, rush hour, toll payment gates or any … Continue reading

A Day at the Beach – Picnic Food Ideas

We love love love going to the beach/pool/lakeside but we always have a hard time finding healthy and satisfying foods to soothe our hunger. This is partly a result of not planning ahead (last-minute day off :)), partly the tempting but very unhealthy beach food we have here in Hungary. The repertoire of mainly all water-side food … Continue reading