Catalan Sponge Cake: Pa de Pessic

Sometimes my Mr comes to me with a specific cake or meal request that got into his head, that he remembers having consumed several times during his childhood. On these occasions what else to do but satisfy that craving? So the other day we made a Catalan Sponge Cake. A damn good one, if I … Continue reading

The Hungarian Canteen or ‘Menza’ – Part 2

Click here for Part 1. Let’s continue our journey down memory lane. We were at the main courses 🙂 Children at the canteen. Photo Source: Common or garden sorrel (‘sóska’), and spinach (‘spenót’) puré: let me describe these 2 together, as a kid couldn’t really tell them apart: they were both green, pureed and sweet, barely any difference, … Continue reading

The Grey Day

This is a grey day, and it is official. In the past 2 weeks we have not seen the sun for more than a couple of hours – there is simply a grey layer between us and the sun lately, which is a choking mixture of fog and smog (there has been no sign of … Continue reading