Italian Foodie Adventures 2014 – Part2

Following in the footsteps of an earlier post about our adventures in Italy, let me share with you some more photos from our foodie trip in this wonderful country. Having visited Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Rimini and the micro country San Marino, we took ourselves to the Garda lake up North. This year again, there was … Continue reading

Squid Rings in Onion Sauce ~ Calamares en Salsa de Cebolla

As I mentioned before, it is not easy to come by good seafood around here. So in that precious moment you shed your eyes on any nice looking salmon, shrimps or squids for example, you simply cannot permit yourself to leave it there on the ice.  Am I right? Well this is the short story of … Continue reading

Seafood Risotto

It is not at all easy where I live to find good quality seafood, thus the other day, when I came along a frozen pack of good-looking seafood-variation “designed” for risotto, I could not resist. Then I only needed some saffron and a nice paella recipe to serve as a guideline, and voilá! Seafood Risotto Ingredients: 1 … Continue reading