Almond-Pumpkin Gallette

While my Mr’s mom was here she wanted to prepare a mixed vegetable soup (that by the way, turned out amazing!), and for that she needed just a piece of pumpkin. We could only find whole pumpkins so as a result we ended up with some leftover raw pumpkin and I had to find a … Continue reading

Nothern Spain and Andorra – Part 2 :)

I promised there is more and here we go! Zucchini cream soup made of real zucchini from the hosts’ own bio garden, with croutons (recipe coming soon, this soup is amazing!): Deviled eggs with lots of mayo and pickled red peppers, they were a bit “bland” for me when they were made but the next … Continue reading

Rich and Savory Pumpkin Bundt Cake

I wanted to wait and share this recipe on the 1st anniversary of this little blog (1 year already? Yay!) but then I thought it can be a perfect cake to accompany the afternoon tea before a Halloween party so let’s not wait until the 4th of November. I hope you agree : ) Rich and Savory … Continue reading