Honey Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken Drumsticks

I found this amazingly sounding and looking recipe the other day @ The Gourmand Mom, and I needed no more pushing to head straight to the chicken drumsticks section at the store. Luckily I had all other necessary ingredients at home, and decided to squeeze in preparing this dish before going to work in the morning, to have quality … Continue reading

Tomato Meatballs

I wanted to make this dish ahead yesterday evening for today’s lunch, however it smelled so good I even had to have some of it for dinner 🙂 Although not to worry, there is enough left for me and my Mr for lunch today. I always did this dish from beef before, but now that I tried … Continue reading

Stuffed Mushrooms

This is another recipe that I grab quite often when I’d like to put some nice looking yumminess on the dinner table that is healthy, easy to prepare and is ready fast. Although it is “only veggies” it is quite satisfying – not only for women 🙂 Stuffed Mushrooms Ingredients: 6 bigger mushrooms 1/2 zucchini … Continue reading