Tomato Meatballs

I wanted to make this dish ahead yesterday evening for today’s lunch, however it smelled so good I even had to have some of it for dinner 🙂 Although not to worry, there is enough left for me and my Mr for lunch today. I always did this dish from beef before, but now that I tried … Continue reading

Greek Meatballs

I found this great and simple recipe on a foodie blog that is very close to my heart: any time I browse the recipes I feel like I’m on that gorgeous island of Crete (the blog belongs to a Hungarian lady living in Crete with her family). She shares Hungarian and most importantly Greek recipes, I have tried many of … Continue reading

Mom’s Meat Balls

This is another treasure from my mom’s recipes – fantastic in its simplicity. You can basically use any kind of ground meat, even leftover roast chicken (the best, in my opinion!), lately I use ground beef for steak tartare  – I found it results in very tender meatballs. Mom’s Meatballs or ‘Anyukám Fasírtja’ Ingredients: 250g … Continue reading

Cooking for 2

It is time to get used to cooking for 2 again! I find it definitely easier preparing something fast and healthy for 1, while there is a certain difficulty in cooking for other people who may have different taste/requirements/desires when it comes to food. For example, I’m perfectly fine with a light green salad for dinner, but my … Continue reading