Food Photography With Television Chef Jamie Oliver

I feel like re-blogging this because: 1. I like Jamie and his creations 2. his (or his photographer’s? 🙂 pictures are amazing and 3. great tips!

Basic Bread

A thing you have to know about me: I’m a passionate bread maker, always looking for “The Perfect Recipe”. Although, I’m not easy on this, as I don’t really like to wait (12-16 hours rise… what?!) and I prefer simple recipes with not too many steps and  instant success : ))) Meaning, the finished product should … Continue reading

Yorkshire pudding

First of all I have to admit I always thought Yorkshire pudding was something similar to what we call ‘puding’ here in Hungary: being a sweet, milk based dessert. Thus I didn’t really bother looking up the recipe as I’m not a huge fan of this type of dessert 🙂 However, watching one of Jamie … Continue reading