Hungarian Grad Lunch :)

One of my friends finished high school this May so we went to celebrate it with a nice lunch in a real Hungarian restaurant with authentic local food. The restaurant was a great choice, nice staff, good location and I’ll let the pictures speak about the tasty food! Trout from Szilvasvarad with fresh mixed greens Wild … Continue reading

Tourist in my own country 2: Budapest and Szentendre

Following in the footsteps of the previous post, I share with you a couple of picture of some of the exquisite dishes we enjoyed with our friends during our home country journey in the past months, that started out from the capital: Budapest, crossed through the Lake Balaton and took us around the artistic town … Continue reading

Tourist in my own country: Tihany

I’ve been gone for a while from my precious blog I have to admit, but I had a very good reason for it – instead of staying at home among the 4 walls and cooking something tasty everyday that might or might not be worth a blog post, we took some friends and went to … Continue reading

Fried Cabbage

Fried cabbage is a very versatile thing and I would say a staple in Hungarian cuisine, cabbage pasta being a common dish on the tables in this country (well, it was/is in my family, for sure). It is easy and relatively quick, and can be used as a filling for puff pastry, mix it with … Continue reading

Granny’s Juicy Pork Ribs

You know there are those dishes that only granny can get right and only taste THAT great when she makes them? Well this is one of those. I tried to recreate these juicy pork ribs based on her recipe, followed the instructions to the letter but it was still missing that ‘something’ that makes it … Continue reading

String Bean Főzelék

Green Pea főzelék is one of my favorite go-to dishes for busy mornings or short-time-to-make-something-to-eat occasions. The other day we went to the nearby shop with the sole reason to pick up a jar of green peas but they didn’t have any! So I had to improvise, and luckily remembered that my mother makes a … Continue reading

Hungarian Green Pea ‘Thick Soup’ or Zöldborsófőzelék

I do not like to make complicated dishes. Sometimes I may get tempted by a recipe or two (or rather, a photo!) and set out on the culinary journey to create the same at home, but most of the time I’m making the fastest, easiest, simplest dishes (this of course does not mean that they … Continue reading

Krumpli- or Potato Főzelék

I had a comment the other day asking for more Hungarian recipes – I promised I’ll do my best, so here we go! Krumplifőzelék, or potato főzelék if I really want to translate it. Főzelék is kind of a thick soup, normally consumed with some extra on top: I fried some sausages this time to serve … Continue reading

My mother’s chicken soup

There is no traditional Hungarian wedding or Sunday lunch without a rich chicken soup. Also some of us simply can’t imagine recovery from an illness without a bowl of this comforting food, coming from someone we love 🙂 I always use my mum’s recipe, and never change anything – however the taste will never be exactly … Continue reading

Travel time

We just happened to collect our bathing suits together with all the winter clothes we have available, and found ourselves driving towards Hajdószoboszló this Monday. It was time for some wellness! And the best option was to submerge in the thermal waters of the city’s Aqua Palace. This might sound like an advertisement but I can really … Continue reading