Curried Vegetable Empanadas

Another leftover experiment, that turned out quite good I have to say! Unfortunately due to my flu and stuck nose I couldn’t enjoy the smell of all those veggies and curry, but the taste was still worth having leftovers for. I again used my favourite empanada recipe: Ingredients for the dough: 1/2 cup cold water … Continue reading

Roasted Chicken Empanadas

We had a super tender roast chicken the other day, however we normally have leftovers that usually end up in meatballs, salad, sandwich ingredient or maybe the best, empanada filling! Just ask my Mr 😉 The dough is the very same as this one, though I will paste the recipe here as well: Roast Chicken Empanadas Ingredients … Continue reading

Another Spanish recipe: Empanadillas

This is what happens when you have a Spanish boyfriend, Spanish recipes appear sometimes : )) Another big favourite among many is the Empanadillas, relatively fast and easy to make and very satisfying by itself or with a green salad. From the amount of dough in the recipe you will get around 16 empanadillas (or … Continue reading