Easy Mini Pizza

I have made these cute mini “pizzas” the other day for an easy and tasty dinner, without the fuss of making a real pizza dough. We had some round breads from the day before, they were the base for the “pizza”, mounted a couple of goodies on top of them, popped them in the oven and … Continue reading

Chicken Thighs with Spinach and Baked Potatoes

Its spinach time! The perfect ingredient that helped make a bit dull (but great) dish into something a little bit more exciting 🙂 Or shall I say a bit more healthy? Replace the thighs with chicken or turkey breast and you have a top fit meal (that is also tasty and fills you up nicely). … Continue reading

Fast and Delicious Pork with Mixed Vegetables

This dish takes about the same time to prepare as it takes to write this post about it 🙂 Minus proofreading. Perfect for a fast and simple, healthy dinner or lunch, it always has a big success around here! Ingredients: Pork (or chicken, or turkey) slices, seasoned with your favourite spices 2 carrots, cleaned and sliced … Continue reading