Hamburger Buns

We needed some bread fast the other day as due to a festive the stores were closed and we had a serious craving for a nice sandwich. The no-work no-knead artisan bread would have taken too long, so this recipe won! Easy-peasy, fast and delicious all-purpose bread (in our home, at least :)) Hamburger Buns Ingredients: … Continue reading

Milky Bread Swirls

Bread success! Soft on the inside, just a little bit crunchy on the outside – amazing sandwich base! And super easy, if that matters? 😀 Ingredients: 500 g flour 50 g butter 200 ml water 100 ml milk 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 1 pack instant yeast 1 egg +1 egg for brushing Little … Continue reading

Easy Artisan No Knead Bread

If you like crunchy crust, airy-soft center, very low effort home-made bread that is by the way AMAZING, this is your recipe my friends. The only minuscule change I made is that I added some olive oil to the dough – but it is still great without it! All tips, suggestions and details are very useful … Continue reading

Chorizo Flower Bread

I saw this recipe the other day at FrugalFeeding that gave me the inspiration to do something similar. I had no rosemary or thyme at hand but a half chorizo was looking at me from inside the fridge, so there we go: Chorizo Flower Bread! I halved the amount of the original recipe. Ingredients: • 250g … Continue reading

Basic Bread

A thing you have to know about me: I’m a passionate bread maker, always looking for “The Perfect Recipe”. Although, I’m not easy on this, as I don’t really like to wait (12-16 hours rise… what?!) and I prefer simple recipes with not too many steps and  instant success : ))) Meaning, the finished product should … Continue reading