Express Cottage Cheese Cocoa Rolls

When one of my colleagues showed me this recipe I was immediately surprised by one ingredient, cottage cheese. It arouse my curiosity to try it out and the facts that no kneading or waiting time were required either, made these rolls the perfect candidate for the other day’s visit to friends. Express Cottage Cheese Cocoa Rolls Ingredients: 250g … Continue reading

Mixed Berry and Cottage Cheese Tart

I was happily showing the pictures to my mother the other day about the cake I made for a colleague’s birthday recently, and she was quite upset that she only received pictures – so you can imagine what came next 🙂 Lucky for her, it was her boyfriend’s birthday a couple of days later, so … Continue reading

Raspberry-Cottage Cheese Cake

I have to apologize for 2 things: 1st, that this cake is truly not resolution friendly. (see amount of butter and sugar?) 2nd is that there is no picture that shows how a slice of this amazing cake looks like – I have a good reason for that, this cake was prepared for the birthday … Continue reading

Christmas Menu 24th December

Christmas is that time of the year when even my family sticks to the traditions and makes sure we always have the good old menu on the tables. Compliments are not for me, thank my mum and grandmother for all the goods this XMas! Another thank you to my Mr for the amazing photos :* … Continue reading