Potaje de Garbanzos y Berenjenas

* Recept magyarul alul! * Scroll down for Hungarian recipe * This food ‘experiment’ that started as throwing various veggies and some leftover sausages into my pressure cooker hoping for something comestible, turned out unexpectedly amazing! Long live the pressure cooker – saviour of busy, lazy or the culinary disabled people 😀 Potaje de Garbanzos y Berenjenas / Chickpeas and Eggplant … Continue reading

Potaje Joaquin

A funny story about this dish, created from ingredients that were available at home. We were listening to a musical CD at home, from Joaquin Sabina y Serrat – the singer Sabina is a big favourite of my Mr, while he is not quite fond of Serrat – so we decided if the dish turns out good, … Continue reading

Oven Baked Falafel Balls

My first encounter with the falafel in Israel sealed my future with these fantastic little balls. I’m not sure if I as certain at that time what they were actually made of, I just remember that the taste was unexpected and delicious. I haven’t really tried many others since then, but the other day I … Continue reading

Potaje de Lentejas

I gave this dish a nice sounding Spanish name, because I converted another Spanish recipe (potaje de garbanzos, “chickpea soup”) to this lentil recipe, I will post the chickpeas one in the future as well because that is also an amazing comfort meal for cold winter nights. But this time I had to find a recipe for lentils … Continue reading