Garlic Breadsticks

When I first saw this recipe, I thought hmm, it looks nice. Then I started to do it at home, and thought ‘wow, something is wrong, shouldn’t it be kneaded, or let to rise a little more? I’m not sure it will actually turn out so great…’ and then voilá! The most amazing bread sticks I have … Continue reading

Mixed Berry and Cottage Cheese Tart

I was happily showing the pictures to my mother the other day about the cake I made for a colleague’s birthday recently, and she was quite upset that she only received pictures – so you can imagine what came next 🙂 Lucky for her, it was her boyfriend’s birthday a couple of days later, so … Continue reading

Raspberry-Cottage Cheese Cake

I have to apologize for 2 things: 1st, that this cake is truly not resolution friendly. (see amount of butter and sugar?) 2nd is that there is no picture that shows how a slice of this amazing cake looks like – I have a good reason for that, this cake was prepared for the birthday … Continue reading

Cocoa Rolls

We LOVE cocoa (or chocolate) rolls. Store-bought, home-made, perfect snack for both me and my Mr 🙂 However as an enthusiastic baker, I prefer the home-made versions, that’s why I was over the Moon when I found a recipe that is really simple and works! These can be frozen and re-heated as well, however we … Continue reading