Breakfast Brioche Muffins

I have been chatting today with one of my colleagues about his recent vacations in France. His most vivid memory at the time seemed to be the fresh, soft piece of brioche he and his wife bought for each day’s breakfast, to be accompanied by a cup of espresso. His enthusiasm about this piece of pastry … Continue reading

Breakfast fit for a Queen

I will not overcomplicate this: below you see my almost every day breakfast, safe to say a breakfast “fit for a queen” – I’m saying that because if anyone asked me what would I ask for for breakfast, this would be it: a cup of natural yoghurt, a handful of mixed cereals and strawberries. (Well … Continue reading

Magdalenas de Desayuno (Spanish Breakfast Muffins)

As a good custom, my Mr likes to have a nice breakfast to start the day with. He normally eats cereals or a sandwich, but I know his favorite is dunking some kind of baked goodie into hot chocolate milk. Thus as a good girlfriend, I sometimes make him a big bundt cake, or his … Continue reading