Chorizo Flower Bread

I saw this recipe the other day at FrugalFeeding that gave me the inspiration to do something similar. I had no rosemary or thyme at hand but a half chorizo was looking at me from inside the fridge, so there we go: Chorizo Flower Bread! I halved the amount of the original recipe. Ingredients: • 250g … Continue reading

Milky Bread Buns

While I have a new bread experiment rising next to my desk, let me share with you a success story recipe! These little buns got soft and fluffy on the inside while just a little bit crunchy on the outside – perfect for any purpose. Ingredients: 500 g flour 50 g butter 200 ml water … Continue reading

Bun in the oven

No… not that one. Literally there were buns in the oven yesterday, and look how amazing they turned out: Isn’t it worth the apx. 25 minutes actual work? An enjoyably simple recipe, to accompany a nice salad (or really anything) with. I’ll share the recipe, why not, maybe someone has his/her mouth watered by these … Continue reading