My California Chicken

Chicken again you say… I say the BEST EVER chicken dish! At least, the best that came out of my kitchen. Ever! A full healthy-hearty meal in one pan that is not only easy to make but sure to impress on a cold May day (or any day, really) 🙂 Please don’t judge this dish … Continue reading

Huevos Flamencos

I was wandering through the pages of a tapas book of mine when my Mr pointed out a picture I would probably never pay much attention to. A nicely colored photo of a quite simple dish, that I thought would taste as “simple” as it was described. After all, what good could come out of … Continue reading

Two times a charm: Spanish dinner

Two of our big favourites were prepared during the weekend: fried cauliflower, and what we call “picoteo”, both of them doting Spanish origins and we like to categorize them as tapas (Spanish cold or hot appetizer, or “finger food”). Fried cauliflower Ingredients: 1 medium size cauliflower 1 egg 150 ml milk Around 100g flour Salt Preparation: 1. Separate the cauliflower … Continue reading