Banana Bread

This was a case of “what to do with the browned bananas” as they are normally destined to end up in a fruit shake. However this time I decided to try a nice recipe I found here: it seemed just as simple as delicious (I normally don’t like complicated recipes, if they are made up … Continue reading

Bun in the oven

No… not that one. Literally there were buns in the oven yesterday, and look how amazing they turned out: Isn’t it worth the apx. 25 minutes actual work? An enjoyably simple recipe, to accompany a nice salad (or really anything) with. I’ll share the recipe, why not, maybe someone has his/her mouth watered by these … Continue reading

When He is In!

Yes as today’s title suggests, my Mr has arrived so he is not Out anymore :p, and his return will bring pictures about some Spanish treats he was enjoying recently (though these pictures are still hiding somewhere deep in his mobile’s memory card, patience please!) Until the photos are retrieved, I am adding some of my usual food pics … Continue reading

Sea of autumn leaves

Do you realize during the summer how many leaves are there on a tree? Because now that almost all of them have fallen down, it seems an incredibly huge amount for me! My favourite season is of course summer but I’m quite enjoying flashing through the colourful leaf carpet with my bike this time of the … Continue reading