Hamburger Buns

We needed some bread fast the other day as due to a festive the stores were closed and we had a serious craving for a nice sandwich. The no-work no-knead artisan bread would have taken too long, so this recipe won! Easy-peasy, fast and delicious all-purpose bread (in our home, at least :)) Hamburger Buns Ingredients: … Continue reading

Easy Artisan Bread Dough PIZZA!

My love for this bread dough has stepped to an entirely upper level the day I first ventured to make a pizza out of it. I have not changed anything on the dough – I use the original recipe, continuing to add a little olive oil when mixing it all together, and letting the dough … Continue reading

Easy Artisan No Knead Bread

If you like crunchy crust, airy-soft center, very low effort home-made bread that is by the way AMAZING, this is your recipe my friends. The only minuscule change I made is that I added some olive oil to the dough – but it is still great without it! All tips, suggestions and details are very useful … Continue reading