Valentine’s day gift ideas – from the kitchen

Valentine’s day is coming as and although it is not an official thing here in Hungary, you can actually see more and more flowers and hearts and chocolates and all in the country as this day is coming closer. I don’t mind, just another reason to surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift that … Continue reading

Moist, Delicious and Easy Apple Gallette

I had a serious craving for an apple filled sweet indulgence the other day (yep, that is kind of continuous thing). My Mr was not against a good apple pie either, so I pulled out this recipe and put it on the table (yes, it was really that easy!). Apple gallette Ingredients: for the dough … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Apple Pie

I know I know it has been a few days, but at least this is not a recipe that “can only be done” on Valentine’s day. I have chosen to do an apple pie for my Mr because it is undoubtedly one of this favourites 😉 Grandma’s Pie Dough from Country Living Ingredients: 4 cup(s) … Continue reading