Mexican Piglet

No I’m not going to talk about the situation of the Mexican agriculture and animal farms 🙂 This is simply a name I found adequate for this dish that was born out of the recipe of the Flamenco Eggs. Having no corn or chorizo at home, adding sausages and beans to the bell pepper base: … Continue reading

Valentine’s day gift ideas – from the kitchen

Valentine’s day is coming as and although it is not an official thing here in Hungary, you can actually see more and more flowers and hearts and chocolates and all in the country as this day is coming closer. I don’t mind, just another reason to surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift that … Continue reading

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I love spring rolls. Crispy on the outside, tasty and soft on the inside, a quick and satisfying snack for almost every occasion. The only problem is the closest place where they make a good spring roll here in Budapest is relatively far from my place (meaning, when you immediately feel the craving to devour … Continue reading

Simple, Fresh, Crunchy Coleslaw

We normally try to eat healthy but sometimes we just get attracted to a big bucket of KFC chicken – well, we are all humans 🙂 I like their crunchy cereal coated chicken but what I really adore is the coleslaw. We ever miss to buy a few bowls when we go there, however I … Continue reading

Ensalada de Endivias, Langostinos y Frutas

My Mr’s mother has spent a couple of weeks with us at the end of last year and she has prepared some meals that I’m happy we didn’t miss to photograph. This salad, typically consumed at New Year’s Eve in my boyfriend’s family, is a perfect example. A fresh salad, complete with crunchy endive, shrimps, … Continue reading

Hungarian Cucumber Salad

Diane asked for more Hungarian recipes once so here we go 🙂 This simple cucumber salad is a staple in my grandmother’s kitchen. It is generally served with meat dishes, however it is also great only by itself, or even with some sour cream on top (that way it kind of reminds of the Greek … Continue reading

Chinese Coconut Shrimp

I have to admit, I love Pinterest. It is a perfect source of inspiration for many aspects of life, most of all FOOD (what else? :D). I have found this recipe there as well – just had to go grab a can of coconut milk, and enjoy the sweet tangy shrimps. I replaced the broccoli … Continue reading

Almond-Pumpkin Gallette

While my Mr’s mom was here she wanted to prepare a mixed vegetable soup (that by the way, turned out amazing!), and for that she needed just a piece of pumpkin. We could only find whole pumpkins so as a result we ended up with some leftover raw pumpkin and I had to find a … Continue reading

Arugula and Orange Salad

We’ve been to the supermarket the other day and my Mr’s mom was holding a pack of arugula in her hands questioning if it is any good. She never tried it before, I like it, so we bought it and at home came the moment of truth – she tasted it and decided not to … Continue reading


I read somewhere that you should try something new every week (or was it month, day, year? Whatever!) So I thought it is time to try Guacamole. Now, the only problem is that I tried avocados once and did not like it at all. For me somehow it tasted like Play-doh. Anyway we had a … Continue reading