Home Grown Tomato and Bell Pepper Project: Part 3

Click here for Part 2. Just a fast status report on my balcony garden : ) Oh yes, with the good weather the plants have officially been moved to the balcony. Time to enjoy direct sunlight and some real wind! 2x Bell Peppers, 3x baby plum tomatoes Tomato jungle! Bell Peppers growing nice big leaves … Continue reading

The Hungarian Canteen or ‘Menza’ – Part 2

Click here for Part 1. Let’s continue our journey down memory lane. We were at the main courses 🙂 Children at the canteen. Photo Source: premier.mtv.hu. Common or garden sorrel (‘sóska’), and spinach (‘spenót’) puré: let me describe these 2 together, as a kid couldn’t really tell them apart: they were both green, pureed and sweet, barely any difference, … Continue reading

The Hungarian Canteen or ‘Menza’ – Part 1

The other day I was having a pleasant and definitely funny conversation with a couple of colleagues about memories from the elementary school dining hall. While digging up signature meals of our different schools’ kitchens, we came to the conclusion that – apart from a few ‘deviations’ of those of us who went to a … Continue reading

Home Grown Tomato and Bell Pepper Project: Part 2

Click here for Part 1. It has been less than a month since the last update on the garden project I started in early March, but looking at the pictures the progress my little plants are making is outstanding! Forgive my enthusiasm, this is my first gardening attempt since 4th grade when we had to … Continue reading

Home Grown Tomato and Bell Pepper Project

So I had this dream to cultivate a little garden on my balcony (and when I say little, I mean a 2×1 m thing) – nothing out of the ordinary, just a few baby plum tomato and bell pepper plants. Bell Pepper you ask? Well, why the hell not? 😀 So here we go, let’s … Continue reading

Chorizo Con Patatas

Some might think that food bloggers eat fancy food all the time – home-made honey-whole wheat bagel with fresh cream cheese and salmon spread topped with avocado slices for breakfast, a strawberry-orange-apple smoothie for snack, cinnamon scented couscous with chicken and string beans for lunch, a slice of cottage cheese and mixed berry tart for dessert … Continue reading

I’m a Liebster Blog :)

I’ve been awarded my first ever blog awards by darling Julia from Must Come Hungry and the lovely blogger behind Filing Away Cupcakes. Thanks a million ladies! This means really a lot to me : )) The Liebster Blog Award is an award given to talented, new bloggers with 200 followers or less. “Liebster” is a German … Continue reading

While We Were Out!

As this winter the snow does not seem to be willing to come to us, we had to go chasing it somewhere else. Luckily we only had to go as far as Austria to have fun in the fresh snow : ) Naturally, open air fun helps boost hunger, so we also enjoyed some delicious meals! Of … Continue reading

The Grey Day

This is a grey day, and it is official. In the past 2 weeks we have not seen the sun for more than a couple of hours – there is simply a grey layer between us and the sun lately, which is a choking mixture of fog and smog (there has been no sign of … Continue reading

Christmas madness starts early

…Seems to me, earlier every year. This year, right after the 1st of November holiday (All Saints, called here) the Christmas decoration already occupied its place in the office and did not take more than a few more days to appear in every shopping mall and hypermarket. I’m surprised though that it is not paired … Continue reading