Hungarian Grad Lunch :)

One of my friends finished high school this May so we went to celebrate it with a nice lunch in a real Hungarian restaurant with authentic local food. The restaurant was a great choice, nice staff, good location and I’ll let the pictures speak about the tasty food!

Trout from Szilvasvarad with fresh mixed greens

Hungarian_Lunch_2 Hungarian_Lunch_1

Wild boar with “Vadas” brown sauce and potato croquettes

Hungarian_Lunch_8 Hungarian_Lunch_7

Tender beef with Vadas sauce and “zsemlegomboc” (bread-ball) my choice 🙂

Hungarian_Lunch_6 Hungarian_Lunch_5

Delicious Aranygaluska for dessert (sponge cake with walnuts and vanilla sauce)


Excuse the quality of the photos I only had a mobile phone to work with 😉

3 Responses to “Hungarian Grad Lunch :)”
  1. Oooh, everything looks wonderful. Did you try it all?

  2. Lily Lau says:

    Oh my, this lunch would totally drive me crazy! 🙂

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