Trip to Catalunya 2014

I know it is Christmas and all so you need to excuse me for this totally non-festive post, however I feel like sharing with you some pictures from our recent trip to the Canary Islands, via Barcelona – the capital of Catalunya. This is the first part of pics from the trip, hope it will allow you to relax for a few minutes between baking two batches of Christmas cookies: just sit back and enjoy them 🙂 Just to get us all in the mood, let’s not forget Catalunya has an amazing shoreline – just a random photo from the “Maresma”:


But then of course this blog is mainly about FOOD so let’s see what we can find in a supermarket in Barcelona? Or rather, what Can’T we find there?

Catalunya_2014_05 Catalunya_2014_04 Catalunya_2014_03 Catalunya_2014_02 Catalunya_2014_01

We even found olives with canarian mojo sauce – well you must accompany that with a serrano ham baguette 😀

Catalunya_2014_11 Catalunya_2014_12

Just a “simple” menu in a local lunch restaurant:

Catalunya_2014_09 Catalunya_2014_08 Catalunya_2014_07 Catalunya_2014_06

If you are ever in Barcelona, don’t forget to have a hot dog at Frankfurt’s (e.g. Frankfurt’s de Pedralbes, close to the Royal Palace), they make the BEST hot dogs ever!

Catalunya_2014_15 Catalunya_2014_14 Catalunya_2014_13

Now get back to baking those Christmas cookies 😉 Very happy holidays, my dear readers!!

3 Responses to “Trip to Catalunya 2014”
  1. afracooking says:

    haha – after all those rich and heavy dishes of the last few days I am enjoying seeing some fresh seafood 🙂 Happy holidays!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too and let’s all have a happy & healthy new year. Excellent photos you’ve shared – too bad you couldn’t find any food there…:)

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