Germany Foodie Adventures

I actually feel horrible when I look at the date of the latest post that I added here on the blog – posted 2 months ago! I’m really sorry, my dear readers. Let me try to make up for it with some snapshots of our recent trip to Germany – we traveled lots and lots of kilometers, visited wonderful places and ate a number of delicious meals. For those of you who never really considered visiting this country: it’s not only beer and sausages. Just look at those photos of the Disney-like Neuschwanstein castle (don’t worry I also had to look up that dreadfully long name)! In addition, in general, people are very nice, the weather is perfectly continental and doesn’t rain too much. What else would you need to pick this country as your next destination? 🙂

Now back to the photos! (excuse the quality, pictures made with a mobile phone :} )

Plenty of noodle places to choose from – Fried veggie noodles with crispy duck


Walnut ice cream cup – because winter is knocking on our door!!


Dinner stop at one of the best spots the highway can offer / Currywurst with a huge spoonful of onions, herb potatoes, salad and a giant piece of raspberry cake in Marche (and please don’t say you’d rather stop in a McDonald’s :))

Germany_2014_21 Germany_2014_20 Germany_2014_19 Germany_2014_23 Germany_2014_18

Tuna and Arugula salad with real balsamic vinegar

Germany_2014_13 Germany_2014_12 Germany_2014_11

Pizza! with anchovies, black olives and capers (my favourite:))


Spanish flan and Italian Lambrusco for dessert

Germany_2014_16 Germany_2014_14

Funny cinnamon-sugar covered fried dough ball


And some sights not to be missed: Beautiful houses in Cologne


The famously fabulous Neuschwanstein castle

Germany_2014_08 Germany_2014_02 Germany_2014_01

…its kitchen (this is a food blog, after all :D) – everything secured with anti-theft wires:

Germany_2014_05 Germany_2014_04

…and the castle’s amazing surroundings:

Germany_2014_07 Germany_2014_03 Germany_2014_06

All worth the long trip! 🙂

5 Responses to “Germany Foodie Adventures”
  1. Bonnie Eng says:

    Looove these photos! Germany has some awesome food!! 🙂

  2. Such beautiful shots – of everything! I’ve unfortunately never been to Germany but my husband was a stationed there for 2 years when he was in the army. He loved it & hopes to get back so now that he’s retired, maybe we both will go on vacation. He loved the food but absolutely swoons when he talks about the pastries.

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